Once more, with Feeling

May 30, 2008

I have a tendency in my life to look for solutions to problems, then move on. This is how my career works, and how most of the pursuits I undertake work. When I started writing here, I discovered shortly that the goal I had in mind — to reflect upon and then unravel my loneliness once and for all — wasn’t a sensible goal. As I said in the previous post, it’s not really a difficult problem per se.

The thing is that more than any other material I’ve written, I get a high volume of emotional feedback from this blog to this day, despite not having updated in many moons. I seem to have hit an emotional chord with people, and I really enjoy providing a forum for other people of high intelligence to vent their frustration in what I hope is a positive way.

That’s why I’ve decided to revisit my writing here. This time I’ll bring my secondary goal to the front and forget trying to “solve” loneliness: I want to speak to those lonely geniuses, and provide them an outlet and maybe a mirror through which they can see their own lives, and my hope is that I can help them find more fulfillment in a world that isn’t made for them.

One Response to “Once more, with Feeling”

  1. James Says:

    Well I could say the world was made for me as it is true. If you get the wrong idea of the above then no point reading what I say next.

    The world that you speak of unknown lonely person is a world only let’s say made by humans yes? So this world is

    Society yes?

    Then don’t you think that if you say this world wasn’t made for us you only took the fact that you’ve lived only in your illusions that society and humans are everything due to the fact this clever scheme worked on you like it did on everyone else:

    Making you think only about things that will mostly advantage someone or a group of person.

    Well am I taking this too far? No as there is logical evidence to all this and behind my mild analysis there is but only logic.

    By talking about world you just took the same concept as the society. What does it say… Are you lost within this world/society or are you just unaware that this and that are actually happening.

    I won’t bother you any longer as I know, yes I know everything and nothing.

    Let’s end this mr unknown with this. Define you world because the world defined right here and now is only a world made to blind you mind and cloud it with unnecessary thoughts.

    I would like to end it with this, if you indeed try to gather info on other people well then I tell you congrats since you are capable enough but if you aren’t then I say too bad… I was hoping to finally meet someone more capable than normal let’s say geniuses?

    As for me I am just a human and a simpleton.


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