An Explanation of the Corporate Critique Section

November 8, 2007

This is my first post in the Corporate Critique section of this blog. I’m not entirely certain the category even fits into the subject matter of this blog, but it is a place to expose an outsider’s perspective on an institution that is central to our culture’s status quo. In that sense, the category is very appropriate.

I work at a corporation where I feel like an alien — the culture is totally foreign to me, coming from an entrepreneurial background. It is clear to me that despite many people’s complaints about individuals within organizations such as these, there are systemic reasons for the culture and processes found at many large corps, including the one I work for.

Because my work doesn’t occupy all my time or mental energy, I find myself studying the way things work, not unlike an anthropologist, although I don’t pretend to be approaching this scientifically. I see my work here as a temporary opportunity to learn about how a large proportion of the population interact with one another.

I plan to write about the strengths and weaknesses of large business, and their underlying causes. I also plan to write about the potential solutions, both in a top-down systematic sense, and a bottom-up practical sense.

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